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We understand all too well that after your pet has passed on, the sadness may just begin. We at Loving Paws know the special bond and love you share with your pet is beyond measure. That is why we are dedicated to providing you and your pet with the most dignified and respectful aftercare possible. We know your pet is family and we share that sentiment.

About Loving Paws…

Your pet is part of the family. The unconditional love and joy they give to us everyday makes their loss one of the most difficult experiences we will ever endure. Our goal at Loving Paws is to help you during this difficult time, to help you with your pets aftercare and to treat your beloved companion with all the love, respect and dignity that you expect and desire for your family member. We are here to help you with your pets final journey. We hope that through our professional services and guidance together we can create the best memories possible. “Our caring is in the details!” Whether it is one month or one year after your pet has passed, we are here to help you find something unique and meaningful to remind you of all the love you gave to your pet and all the great memories and unconditional love your pet gave to you!

Why Choose Loving Paws?


We are the only providers in the inland NW to offer this gentle and eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation.

Our Professional and Caring Staff

We will gently guide you through the process, answer questions and take exceptional care of your pet with respect and dignity. We take pride in exceeding your expectations!

Beautiful Wood Urns

Our standard Aquamation package comes with a beautiful wood urn engraved with your pet's name, a paw print and fur clipping (if possible).

Largest Selection of Urns and Keepsakes in the Industry

Most companies offer only limited selections. We offer a huge selection of urns and keepsakes. If you don’t see it, let us know and we will try and get it for you!

24-Hour Service

After hours and weekend services available.

Transportation Service for Your Pet

After your pet passes away we will come to your home and take over the care of your pet.

Questions Answered and Pet Loss Support

For most pet owners the loss of their beloved pet is something they are not familiar with. Unexpected feelings accompany their loss. What happens to my pet? What next? We are here to answer your questions and provide you with Pet Loss Resources to help you through this difficult time. We care!

A Team of Petlovers

Craig Bergmann, owner of Loving Paws, is a licensed funeral director with over 22 years experience in the funeral industry. He also has two working K-9 detection dogs who are his beloved companions. They are considered an essential part of the family.

Craig and Tami Bergmann are the owners of Loving Paws Pet Loss Center. Craig has been in the funeral industry for over 20 years. Together they are raising four beautiful daughters along with their four dogs, Maddy, Allie, Macie and Cadence. Craig has also been a dog handler for over 8 years and considers his working K-9s, Allie and Macie to be his “partners.” Craig’s experiences with the funeral industry and working K-9s have given him the unique ability to understand pet owners and their losses. During his years of providing funeral services, Craig was told that he has a gift to help those in need of comfort. With this gift, he understands the special bond that owners have with their pets, he knows that the pet experience should be as close to the human experience as possible. His goal is to meet the individual needs of his clients and to create a positive service with a special touch for lasting memories for years to come.

Barbara Benefiel is dedicated staff member of Loving Paws Pet Loss Center. She is married to her husband Don and they have 8 children and 22 grandchildren. Throughout her life she has raised many beloved pets herself, and she considers pets to be members of the family. As a Registered Nurse, years of service and care in the medical field have given her the knowledge, experience and the compassion to help pet owners through their loss. As an artist, she enjoys combining her creative skills and artwork to craft meaningful custom keepsakes. She is honored to be entrusted with the care of your cherished family member and will go to great lengths to exceed your expectations.

What is Aquamation

About Aquamation

Aquamation is the newest, safest and most natural process available for your pet. As an alternative to traditional cremation, it is far superior in almost every way. For pet owners who care about their pets and the environment, Aquamation is by far the greenest, safest and superior choice.
Why, when given a choice, most pet owners choose Aquamation
  • Gentle & respectful process
  • Cuts natural gas use by 90%
  • Cuts Carbon dioxide emissions by 90%
  • Cuts electricity by 66%
  • Is 100% mercury free
  • Zero emissions – no harmful greenhouse gases
  • Low energy consumption
  • 1/10 the carbon footprint than flame-based cremation
  • 20% more ashes returned for families who request them
  • 100% clean, disease and polutant free.

Why Choose Aquamation?

Urns and Keepsakes

Pet Loss Support

Our Caring is in the Details

We understand the loss of your beloved companion may be one of the most devastating and painful experiences pet owners ever face. For many, such a loss is as traumatic as losing a family member or dear friend and can trigger an intense grieving process. We are here to support and help you through this process. We are always available to talk to and advise you. We can also be a comforting resource for pet owners, whether answering your questions, helping you select keepsakes or listening, whatever you need, we’ll help you through this difficult time. We can refer you to numerous resources that will ease this challenging time for you as well.

What to do if your pet has passed away

1. As soon as your pet passes away place a large piece of plastic (possibly a plastic bag) or an absorbant pad under your pet’s head and rear end. It is possible that they may start to lose fluids.
2. You may wrap the body in your pet’s favorite blanket or place them in their bed. Remember that by wrapping the body in a blanket or towel these items may get soiled and you may end up disposing of them. We are not responsible to return these items to you. Placing the body on plastic with an absorbant pad will help keep your home and/or vehicle cleaner and more sanitary.
3. Keep your pet in a cool dry place and away from children or other pets.
4. Please remove any items that you would like to keep. These items would include ID tags and their collar. If they remain with your pet Loving Paws does not guarantee their return.
5. If your pet passes away please feel free to call us at 509-655-5110. If your pet is cool and dry there should not be any problems with your pet until we arrive. You may be able to keep your pet for up to 24 hours with little change in your pet’s condition. If this is something you are uncomfortable with please call and we can arrange for someone to come to your home as soon as possible. Loving Paws is available 24/7 to answer your call and help you.

Each pet receiving Aquamation service is issued a Loving Paws numbered stainless steel tal at the time we come to your home, when you bring your pet to our office or at your veterinarian’s office. This number will be with your pet at all times throughout our care. Strict quality controls are followed each step of the way. With the Aquamation Service, the stainless steel ID tag issued will be returned to you and the number will match that on your pet’s release form.

Consider our Personal Keepsakes and Memorials when your pet passes away. These keepsakes are unique to your own cherished pet. They contain the defining characteristics that sets your pet apart from all other pets! There is a short window of time to take clay or ink nose and paw prints. We also offer fur clippings. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like any of these additional Personal Keepsakes. There are a number of things we can do with your friends for our paw prints to make you a special keepsake such as prints jewelry. We try and emphasize that these items are only available for a short time. Once aquamation takes place it is impossible to obtain any of the precious keepsakes.

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